Book Review: Fibonacci Analysis

Fibonacci Analysis - Constance Brown

Fibonacci Analysis – Constance Brown

Fibonacci Analysis (Bloomberg Market Essentials: Technical Analysis) is authored by Constance Brown and makes for a great read for those who truly want to apply Fibonacci analysis to their trading. Opinion is usually divided when it comes to Fibonacci. Call it a self fulfilling prophecy or dismiss it altogether, Fibonacci analysis can be applied across any market. The problem however lies in the fact that most of the information available about Fibonacci is usually mis-represented.

Constance Brown does a great job in introducing the reader to Fibonacci analysis and does it the right way. The book sits well with those who are completely new to Fibonacci as well as helps the seasoned professional with tips and tweaks that the book is filled with. Seasoned traders can skip the basics and the history and hop straight to the later chapters in the book where Constance Brown gives an example trade and how to apply the Fibonacci methods. Price action enthusiasts will find this book especially interesting as there is virtually no other indicators used (with the exception of oscillators, that is mentioned only for specific market conditions).

The book is presented as a story and goes to depths of explaining the history behind Leonardo de Pisa, the Liber Abaci and takes the reader across time.

About the Author: Constance Brown

Constance Brown is a CMT (Certified Market Technician) and runs her managed Hedge Fund Futures. The fund was open to the public until 2002. Constance Brown has also authored other key books including Gann Analysis, and the complex Elliott Wave. It can be easily seen how Constance Brown brings her vast experience in this book, Fibonacci Analysis.

Our Review on Fibonacci Analysis

The hard paperback is a must have in the investors library and serves not just the purpose of teaching Fibonacci methods but also as a quick reference guide. Beginners to Fibonacci will find this book worth the price while experienced traders can always fall back upon this book for reference. Constance Brown presents the book in an easy to reach fashion thus making it not just interesting but informative, to say the least. There is no information overload and the chapters tend to get more and more advanced, which keeps the reader hooked. The final chapters are dedicated to trading purely off Fibonacci levels and are generously sprinkled with easy to use tips that traders can apply to their existing trading methods.

While there are other well known books for Fibonacci Analysis, this book by Constance Brown definitely ranks as the starting point before reading the rest.

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