Book Review: Octopus, by Guy Lawson

Octopus, by Guy LawsonOctopus, the book is based on real life and is bound to be a thriller. The book describes the story of a hedge fund fraud run by Sam Israel and how its manager was conned by an ex CIA agent who draws Israel into a world of fraud under the guise of a shadow market.

The book’s protagonist, Sam Israel is someone who seems to have it all, being born into one of Amercia’s richest families. Sam goes on to start his hedge fund company and promises his investors guaranteed profits. After taking some big losses including faking his tax returns, Israel realizes his true potential.

Befriending a Robert Booth Nichols a conman who claimed to be ex-CIA and getting information about a “Secretive market” that is being run by the US Federal Reserve, Israel bets his last $150 million of his client’s money to make it up. Thus sets the stage for a crazy adventure that is filled with clandestine bankers, fraudsters and gun totting spooks who issue cryptic warnings about a mysterious cable refered to as the Octopus.

The Book, Octopus is not much about fraud but tells the story of human nature when faced with an inescapable disaster the ability to take extreme measures to recover.

Sam Israel eventually surrendered himself in July 2008 and is serving a 22 year prison sentence.

About the Author: Guy Lawson

Guy Lawson is the author of other books including The Brotherhoods and The Constituion of Empire. The book, Octopus is published by Oneworld.

Our Review on Octopus

Books written on real life incidents make a great read especially giving the reader inside information into the dark dealings of Wall Street. Greed is often one of the biggest reasons on Wall Street and Octopus aims to captivate the reader as Sam Israel runs amock with his schemes and defrauding customers.

The second part of the book gets even more exciting as Israel is introduced to the shadow market. The reader is often blinded between fact and fiction as the author Guy Lawson seems to make sense of it all.

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