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Get all the information you need before you start trading forex with an ECN Broker. Our 12 page eBook offers insights into ECN trading and covers various aspects to help you get acquainted with some important factors when choosing an ECN forex broker and some basic idea about ECN trading. This eBook introduces you to the concept of ECN Forex trading and is written for both beginners as well as experienced forex traders. If you are currently trading forex with a fixed spreads broker, then you will love the information contained in this eBook.

We have also dedicated a full page with a check-list in order to verify if the broker you are trading with, or want to trade with truly operates on the ECN model. The eBook is explained in simple terms so it is easy to understand. We only touch upon the topics with references for further reading should you be interested to know more.

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eBook – Contents at a glance

  • Welcome to the wonderful world of ECN Forex Trading
  • ECN Trading – Gaining Context
  • ECN Broker is your friend!!
  • To the facts – Compare the spreads!
  • ECN/STP/DMA – What’s the difference
  • ECN Trading – Why is it so expensive?
  • ECN Trading allows you to improvise.
  • ECN Trading – Discipline is key!
  • Other benefits of ECN brokers
  • ECN Forex Trading Checklist

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