How to invest in Gold

Precious metals trading has been in vogue since many decades and gained prominence especially when the world switch to a fiat currency. Among the various metals that make up the precious metals sector, Gold has continued to hold on to its shine. This can be well understood from the fact that when the world’s safe haven currency is under pressure, precious metals prices, especially Gold tends to increase in value.

There are different ways to invest in Gold. From the speculative trading on the spot metal markets to precious metals ETF’s and ETP’s and the physical buying of Gold.

While each of the above investment methods has its own pros and cons, owning a chunk of Gold is usually met with a lot of hesitation and perhaps justified. Physically buying gold, also known as the Bullion or coins, and not to be misunderstood with Gold jewellry, usually brings to mind the thoughts of storing the bullion, its value over a period of time and so on. Perhaps storage of the Gold bullion tops the list when it comes to investing in Gold.

You can of course purchase Gold from your local banker and keep the Gold in their safe keeping. However, the aspect of security of the Gold often comes to mind.

BullionVault is one such company that offers investing in Gold and other precious metals easy and simple. Owned by Galmarley Limited and registered in the UK, BullionVault offers investors the flexibility to purchase physical gold and not having to worry about storage and other hassles. BullionVault is a well established company, operating since 2003 and raising close to ?3.5 million in equity funding. BullionVault is well regulated and is a member of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA)

Precious metals investors can access BullionVault, which is also endorsed by the World Gold Council to purchase and sell physical gold bars. With storage vaults in London, New York and Zurich, BullionVault is one of the biggest online investment services in the precious metals sector. Perhaps the biggest advantage for precious metals investors comes from the fact that the insurance costs are very low compared to that with your local banker and the flexible terms means that you can sell your Gold any time without penalty.

BullionVault investors can invest in Gold or other precious metals right from their computer and can engage in buying or selling of the physical Gold any time of the day and from any place, from English and American to even Italian users can access

If you are looking for a way to invest in the precious metals markets and want to physically own the precious metal, then give BullionVault a try.

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