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ThinkForex, a New Zealand based FSA registered ECN forex broker has announced the launch of its new Mirror Trading Forex platform, in collaboration with Tradency, a popular mirror trading software provider.

The addition of mirror forex trading by ThinkForex means that clients can now take advantage of mirror trading and copy trades of the most successful traders. Often confused with auto trade, mirror forex trading is different, the fact that unlike auto trading, where trades are placed automatically by forex robots, mirror trading involves a certain level of manual intervention.

The mirror forex trading offered by Tradency is easy to use. Traders can login to their ThinkForex mirror forex trading account and can immediately notice all the trades being placed by other fellow traders. This makes it easy for forex traders to identify the traders whose trading style is similar or whose risk management is safe enough to copy the trades. Thinkforex traders can then automatically set up to copy the trades based on their preferences.

Mirror Forex Trading - ThinkForex


ThinkForex Mirror Forex Trading

ThinkForex Forex Mirror Trading account combines the world class mirror trading features offered by Tradency’s forex mirror trading platform along with ThinkForex high speed trade executions. With ThinkForex Mirror trading, traders can quickly build their own portfolio of forex trading strategies and even switch between the strategies based on the previaling market conditions. With ThinkForex mirror trading, traders can easily mirror the live forex signals, choose from a trader’s individual trades, and even place forex orders manually under your terms.

Forex mirror trading from Tradency makes use of cutting edge technology in order to offer a very user friendly trading experience, which makes it ideal even for first time forex traders to make use from a wide range of innovative features with access to a vast knowledge database of diverse trading strategies.

Forex Mirror Trading – ThinkForex Features

Instruments: 34 Currency Pairs including Gold & Silver
Minimum Deposit: 500 Units of Account Currency
Max Leverage: 200:1
Execution: NDD (No Dealing Desk)
Minimum Trade Size: 0.01 Lot
Trade Size Increment: 0.01 Lot
Commission No
Spreads 2.50 pip markup in addition to normal spreads

About Tradency

Tradency BVI. is a financial technology provider of innovative trading solutions. The Forex Mirror Trader which is Tradency’s advanced forex trading platform introduced forex traders to new trading techniques, including Semi Mirroring and Automatic Mirroring.

The Mirror Trader offers traders a comprehensive trading workspace, with variety of popular trading tools as well as unique features and personalized options. The platform uses cutting edge technology to provide robust execution and intuitive trading experience.

The Mirror Trader introduces the Mirror Trading Technology, developed and originated by Tradency, which enables traders in foreign exchange to use the knowledge of strategy developers for their own trading.

About ThinkForex

ThinkForex is a Forex liquidity provider that allows independent forex traders as well as money managers to trade spot Forex in the OTC (Over the Counter) market. ThinkForex was developed by a group of brokers and traders who wanted to see a perfect environment for their automated trading systems.

ThinkForex is the world’s premier online forex broker and trading software. From beginners to professionals, ThinkForex offers online traders a perfect environment for all types of trading. Read about ThinkForex here. Hedging, aggressive scalping, and high speed automated trading on a low latency platform are some of the benefits that set ThinkForex apart from the competition.
Our goal is to offer a perfect environment for all types of traders from beginners to professionals. Keeping an updated technological infrastructure and providing superior customer service are two of our key goals. We are excited to be providing these services and look forward to having you on as a client.

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