What is Traders Compass forex trading tool

Traders Compass is an innovative forex trading tool which helps to guide & support traders throughout their trading activity. Traders Compass aims to increase a trader’s techniques’ knowledge and general awareness of the markets that are being traded. Traders Compass works with SunbirdFx MT4 trading platform as well as web based platforms and can be used with both Demo and Live accounts at SunbirdFx.

Traders Compass gives real time alerts regarding incomplete or less tha optimial position definistion and risk managed based on the trader’s activity and trading history. The Traders Compass notifies traders about market events and other significant information, thus enabling the trader to better manage their trades and make more educated and insightful trading decisions.

About Traders Compass

Traders Compass is a product of CorrSight and is also known as the AceTM. CorrSight is a leading vendor of Analytics-based Customer Engagement (ACE) systems for the forex industry.

Traders compass monitors and analyzes the trading activity of forex customers and automatically creates segmented and personalized customer communications – approaching each customer at the right time with the right message, and providing tools for maximizing trading activity.

Trading AceTM or Traders Compass is an intelligent forex trading tool that can identify forex traders having positive trading characteristics and trends, and automatically initiates a relevant market offering for them to expand and profit from their trading activity.

Traders Compass can also identify forex traders with negative trading characteristics and trends, analyze their key trading mistakes, and communicates to them the focused hints and tutorials to improve their forex trading skills.

How can Traders Compass Help you?

Traders Compass is one of the most effective forex trading tools aimed to improving forex trading skills. Traders Compass supplies support and education, based on analyzing a trader’s transactions in real time and gives comprehensive and concise information. This includes from real time alerts to in-depth forex trading patterns analysis and market trends.

With Traders Compass, you can not only track experts and signal suppliers but understand the pro’s trading logic anddevelop as a trader based on the insights you will gain.

How to subscribe to Traders Compass

Traders Compass service if offered FREE of cost to all SunbirdFx forex traders. Read about the SunbirdFx Review here. Subscribing to Traders Compass involves opening a SunbirdFx trading account. Once your SunbirdFx account is funded, traders can contact SunbirdFx support to activate Traders Compass.

Subscription to the Traders Compass service is activated during the software download.

How to install Traders Compass

SunbirdFx Traders Compass

SunbirdFx Traders Compass - EURUSD Chart

The Traders Compass software is easy to install by following the on screen installation instructions. Installation of Traders Compass can be done either during the trading platform download at the initial registration with SunbirdFx or any time later.

If you have already installed SunbirdFx trading platform then you can go to ‘Start>All Programs’ and click on ‘Activate CorrSight Notifier’ to activate Traders Compass.

Follow the on screen instructions to finalize the installation of Traders Compass. After the installation is completed, the SunbirdFx trading platform will open with a daily EURUSD chart. This graph should be left open and unchanged.

To get started with Traders Compass, click here to register with SunbirdFx. Traders Compass can be used both on live accounts as well as demo accounts and is free of charge for SunbirdFx Clients.

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