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Trade the news with UK Economic Indicators. UK Economic indicator section focuses purely on the UK region with a focus on the GBP currency. The United Kingdom makes for the 3rd largest economy in Europe having its GDP at over $2.6 trillion USD. The UK is the seventh largest in the world. Financial services account for a large percentage of the U.K’s GDP and has the distinction where the largest volume of foreign exchange trade takes place. Get all the information on major UK economic news releases and the influence they have on the currency.
GDP Inflation (CPI) BoE Lending Rate Inflation Target Unemployment
0.4% 0.30% 0.5% 2% 5.0%
Last Updated: 26thJune,  2016

UK Economic Indicators

UK Claimant Count Change - Economic Indicator

Claimant Count Change – Economic Indicator

The Claimant Count Change is the UK’s measure of the number of people claiming unemployment benefits and is used as a main indicator of the UK’s labour market activity. ...

Trade Balance and Current Accounts Explained

Trade balance or balance of trade is defined as the currency flow between countries. The currency flow is generated via international trade and transactions that arise out of it. In ...

What is the UK Consumer Price Index

Consumer price index is a measurement of inflation on the consumer prices in the United Kingdom. CPI for short, Consumer Price Index was also referred to as the Harmonized Index of ...

What is the UK PMI Index

Purchase Managers Index or PMI is set up in order to help decision makers and analysts to understand the industry conditions. Based on a monthly survey of selected companies, the UK ...

The UK Budget Deficit Explained

Latest figures from the Public Sector net borrowing results showed that the UK’s budget deficit during the month of July was £557 million. While the markets were expecting to ...

What is the UK Unemployment Report

Every month, the Office of National Statistics or ONS releases their monthly unemployment report. While the unemployment report measures the relative health of the workforce in general, ...

What is the NIESR GDP Forecast Estimates

The NIESR GDP estimate can be considered to be one of the key UK economic indicators. It is a monthly report released by National Institute of Economic and Social Research. The GDP ...

LIBOR – Introduction to LIBOR Rates

LIBOR is an acronym for the London Interbank Offered Rate. The LIBOR rate is a rate of interest at which banks can lend funds to other banks in the marketable lots in London interbank ...