Visual Trading Console & Trade Manager for MT4

The Visual Trading Console is an advanced trade manager that enables one click order execution, compatible with MT4 trading platform. The Visual Trading Console or VTC is a trade management application and is a successor to the previous VTC single Terminal application. Compatible with MT4 trading platforms and adept at working with ECN /STP execution, the Visual Trading Console offers traders a completely customizable and seamless integration into MT4 trading.

VTC Trading Manager Features

The Visual Trading Console brings the following additional features to the MT4 trading platform.

  • Set up Initial stop Loss and Take Profit Levels, defined in Pips
  • Set up Trailing stop which can be activated at a specified profit level
  • Stepping stop feature enables you to define up to five different points when your stop is advanved by a given pip amount
  • Move the stop to break even and optional additional amount of pips at any profit level specified
  • Multi-level profit taking enables you to close predefined portion of the trade and different levels
  • Set up to five different multi level profit taking
  • Multi-level stop loss designed to scale out of a losing trade

Visual Trading Console – Quote Box

MT4 Visual Trading Console Quote Box

MT4 Visual Trading Console Quote Box

  1. Left click in this region to activate the current chart period
  2. Displays the instrument name (ex: EURUSD in the example above)
  3. Select the chart period for the instrument. Clicking the drop down to select instrument, chart period
  4. The instrument’s current spread in pips
  5. Select the order type (Instant Market Order/Pending Order)
  6. Select/Specify Lot Size
  7. Specify Stop Loss and Take profit values in Pips
  8. Select “magic number” to attach to new buy or sell order
  9. Comment box for reference
  10. Risk percent factor in %age. This is visible only for order types that have ‘set risk’ option enabled from point 5 when choosing the order type

MT4 Trade Manager

The Trade manager feature for the Visual Trading Console for MT4 offers a unique ticket based trading manager feature which can be combined to build a personalized trade management strategy and can be used at any time by applying the previously defined trade management profile. Using the Trade Manager, traders can set up multiple strategies

Visual Trading Console - Trade Manager

Visual Trading Console – Trade Manager

The Trade Manager feature comes with five tabs that define the various trading tasks with red icons indicating inactive tabs and green icons indicating active tabs. The trade manager tasks can be combined to work together in tandem to complete a trade management strategy by creating, saving and loading profiles.

Visual Trading Console & Trade Manager – Review

The Visual trading console is designed as a stand alone application that runs on Windows operating system and works alongside the MT4 trading platform. Using the MT4 features, you can close and manage trades directly from the Visual Trading Console with no delays.

The MT4 trading manager is an additional option that can be customized to your settings with different profiles that can be created. The trade manager can be used as a multi terminal manager that enables you to assign a default trade in the manager which is then replicated into other trading accounts.

A single license costs only $75 and allows you up to 6 months of free software upgrades. Payments can be made via Credit Cards, Paypal, American Express.

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